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Under the Radar: NY Ranger Chris Kreider’s Outstanding Season

by Deb Seymour For most of the 2021-2022 NHL season, it’s been noticeable to both the casual observer and the statistics guru that the New York Rangers have been more consistently formidable in power play mode than at full strength. It’s also been observed, ad nauseum, that they rely too much on their primary goaltender,Continue reading “Under the Radar: NY Ranger Chris Kreider’s Outstanding Season”

The Super Bowl’s Over ~ And Now, an Opportunity to “Grow the Game”

by Deb Seymour You’d expect this blog post to be about the seemingly unending battle between Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association, wouldn’t you? But I’m not big on re-treading everyone else’s content; and we’ve sure seen enough about that current stalemate to last us a season, if not more. TheContinue reading “The Super Bowl’s Over ~ And Now, an Opportunity to “Grow the Game””

Keeping the Fans in the Game

by Deb Seymour Just so I don’t lose you before I even start: No, this isn’t going to be yet another column on how the pandemic’s been correlated with a drop-off in sports viewership for the major sports. And how television networks and streaming platforms have been trying everything from the ManningCast to Nickelodeon GreenContinue reading “Keeping the Fans in the Game”

RJ Barrett and the Knicks’ Need for a Difference Maker

by Deb Seymour As we draw nearer to the second anniversary of the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on just about everything, one thing we’ve learned is that adaptability is key. Key to every day survival; key to maneuvering through a maze of information and disinformation; and key to trying to find at least a few occurrencesContinue reading “RJ Barrett and the Knicks’ Need for a Difference Maker”


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